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“It is easier to go down a hill than up but the view is from the top!” Go to the mountain top of hypnosis, and be transformed!!.


May this day be gracious to you!

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In all religious/spiritual traditions, creativity has long been attributed to divine inspiration. People who are successful are those who live a creative life. Nowhere is the relationship between the mundane and the transcendent more explicitly revealed than in  Creative Expressions. Tapping into creativity like dreaming can be a way of listening to the authentic self/Higher Self. Hypnosis, as a matter of fact, is a great tool to do just that. It is an induced dreaming through the subconscious either by self or by the hypnotist towards the goal of transformation and of creative living.

Stan S. Manickam MS.,MS.,MT.,LPh., CHT

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I.                   Utilizing the many available techniques of hypnotherapy in an eclectic fashion, I can help you to help yourself. You will manifest the abundance you deserve while overcoming your addictions or problems such as the following:

  • Health Hazardous habit of smoking.
  • Health risk over weight.
  • Unbecoming Habits of nail biting, bed wetting, hair pulling etc
  • Fear of failures: passing tests, public speaking, sport performance etc.
  • Fear of Flying or other fears
  • Phobias: enclosed spaces, germs, bugs etc
  • Insomnia.
  • Depression.

II.                Having been trained by a MD in medical hypnotherapy, I can also help you with the following medical conditions such as:

  • Fibromyalgia resolution
  • High blood pressure normalization
  • Autoimmune disease remission
  • Cancer remission
  • Fracture accelerated healing
  • Stroke recovery
  • Irritable bowel syndrome resolution
  • Blood sugar normalization in diabetes
  • Migraine cessation and prevention
  • Surgical outcome and recovery improvement

III.                As you may have noticed from your own life experiences, Imagination proves to be more powerful than knowledge. Through hypnotherapy, I will enable you to use your imagination to create what you want in your life. You will gain healing and strength through your own woundedness, because ‘the healing is where the wound is’.

Through past life regressions, creative visualization, alchemical interventions and Ericksonian story telling, I will provide you with tools for transformation. You will start living out of this formula for success in all your endeavors: R= (I x V); Reality = Imagination x Vividness. Success breeds success. You will continue to grow to be more confident, self assured and courageous with increasing self esteem and self worth. Therefore it follows that any issue in your life that has to do with your low self esteem and self worth will also be successfully treated through hypnotherapy.

What Clients Say:

Feed back 1

Having done a session in Alchemical hypnotherapy A 37 year old client Todd L., terminal patient with HIV and dealing with losses of both his parents and all his belongings said the following: 

“On the first day of August 2007, I had an appointment with Hypnotherapist Stan Manickam. I was hypnotized. It truly works. I was in a trance and felt almost sedated (but not sedated!!!) It was just a level of consciousness that I experienced after years of AA/NA and CA and the big 12 steps!

I was desperately waiting for it to happen and then it did happen. Who knew that a skeptic like me would allow myself to relax to the point where I honestly was under hypnosis? I feel great after my session which started at 9:00 A.M, and ended at 10:15 A.M.

On this day, August 1st 2007, I am not afraid or confused any more. A dark cloud truly had been lifted up and out and my pathway to God has been cleared. I have reconnected myself to God! And I will remember when I am having a hard time, to use the trigger given to me to relive this experience. Thank you Stan, you guided me to a new path in the world and I am not afraid anymore to make it on my own.” 


"I have just finished my third hypnotherapy session with Stan Manickam the hypnotherapist.I have found an ever increasing positive set of results from them. The sessions are quiet and comfortable and Stan does a wonderful job of settling me in, investigating what my topic of concern is, and then taking me safely down into a deep inner state. There he addresses my situation or concern with feedback from his preliminary Q & A at the beginning of the session. He then uses my own words and personal experience from that Q&A , to plant positive seeds and release limitations of  thought that have bound me. I not only seem to experience results around the unique issues I bring to him, but the theme of freedom and healing positively effects other areas of my life which really springboard from the common underling theme that Stan addressed in the session. I am very pleased with my results."  

Sincerely,Joel Siemion.